Merchandising Know-How: Test Your Retail IQ -- Shopping Psychology

Here's a chance to test your retail IQ and find out how much you know about "shopping psychology." We'll give you the answers next week!

Here's a chance to test your retail IQ and find out how much you know about "shopping psychology." We'll give you the answers next week!

1. Which of the following fields determines if a retail store "works" or "doesn't work"?

Retail anthropology

Retail Psychology


Market Research

2. What color has market research found makes customers feel like spending money?


Dark green

Light purple


3. According to Paco Underhill, which is the worst location for a retail store?

Next to a competitor

Next to a bank

In a shopping mall

On a main shopping thoroughfare

4. What is important about the "transition" zone (the first 15 feet inside the door) of a retail store?

It is the space in which the store's most popular products are displayed.

It is the space in which a salesperson offers assistance.

Before this space, shoppers do not feel they are inside the store yet.

After this space, shoppers are considered potential buyers.

5. Upon entering a store, most shoppers head in what direction?



Straight ahead

It depends on the store.

6. Which of the five senses is NEVER engaged in persuading customers to make purchases?






None of the above

7. Which of the following "theories" helps to determine aisle width in retail stores?

The Invariable Right

The Decompression Zone

The Body Factor

The Butt Brush

8. Marketers plan campaigns to appeal to which side of the brain?





9. According to experts, what is the best layout for a retail store?

Placing the best bargains at the front of the store.

Placing the most expensive items at the front of the store.

Placing the store's signature item at the back of the store.

Placing the store's signature item at the front of the store.

10. Which of the following is NOT an explanation for the difference in men's and women's present shopping patterns?

Primitive hunting and gathering societies

Left-brain versus right-brain thinking

The female nesting instinct

All of the above

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