Merchandising Know-How: In Living 'Colour'

You say color. I say colour. You don't need to care how it's spelled, because if you love color and want to stay up on the latest trends, there's a website for you! On, people can post colors or palettes they like, vote on their favorites and send notes to other color lovers.

You say color. I say colour. You don't need to care how it's spelled, because if you love color and want to stay up on the latest trends, there's a website for you! On, people can post colors or palettes they like, vote on their favorites and send notes to other color lovers.

This site is for anybody, whether you're a fashion designer, storeowner or a sales associate. Each week, you'll see the top palettes along with top colors. You can chat on a forum to discuss colors with other color lovers, find resources for more color information, read articles or submit your own palette.

While colors are calibrated differently from monitor to monitor, they might not print out accurately. Relax, Pantone numbers are provided. The site's creator, Darius A. Monsef of Portland, Ore., is a Web applications developer who has studied fashion design. "The site is a sort of color trends of the world written by the world itself," said Monsef.

It's good to be in the know about color trends. One day you might want to paint a wall in your store a hot new color or compose a window display based entirely on a seasonal color palette. You might want to be sure you're grouping the right colors together on a rack or get a peek at what's happening with color in future seasons to make buying easier. By referencing the color palettes and top color lists on, you'll have a head start in the decision-making department.

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