FitDeck Kettlebell exercise cards

Whether you're new to kettlebell weights or an advanced user, FitDeck's Kettlebell exercise cards will help keep workouts fresh and fun.

Eventually, any set workout routine can grow stale, and it helps to shake things up a bit. With FitDeck’s themed exercise cards, you can easily create a new workout by simply shuffling the deck.

We first reviewed the company in 2005 (click here to see that review), sharing how creator Phil Black, a former Navy Seal and Navy Seal instructor, used to play a homespun game with his dorm roommates using a deck of cards that were coded to represent different exercises. Black expanded on the concept and built it into the FitDeck business.

Since its launch, the company has expanded its card repertoire considerably and now has more than 35 different deck themes, with more on the way. It now has sets for bodyweight only exercises (i.e., no equipment necessary), sets to be used with equipment like dumbbells or exercise balls, and decks with sports themes like soccer and golf. It even has mobile apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, etc.

We tried out the kettlebell-themed FitDeck, which has 18 different kettlebell exercises that can be performed by people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced users. Each card tells the user what body part it works, has simple bullet-point descriptions with accompanying illustrations, and suggestions for the number of reps based on ability levels. Most of the descriptions are easy to understand and the black-and-white illustrations depict each movement well.

We’ve found that FitDeck products not only keep things fresh, but they’re also fun. You can shuffle the deck for a new exercise sequence every time you workout, and there are wild cards thrown in like “double next card,” so you can make a game of your exercise session. FitDeck also suggests grouping cards to build a routine based on specific categories, and even incorporating cards from other FitDecks for more cross-training.

We liked the “game” twist to keep us motivated; we found ourselves turning to the cards when working out with kettlebells. The cards were especially useful when we were first becoming familiar with these weights and were trying to build an initial workout routine. Unlike our past experience with the original FitDeck exercise cards, there weren’t any exercises that seemed out of the ability of a novice.

Each FitDeck card set comes in a small plastic box, so it can be self-contained and lessen the chance of cards being misplaced. At $9.95, the FitDeck is an affordable accessory for anyone buying a kettlebell. Plus, it will help get you started in structuring a workout, and prevent routines from growing old.

SNEWS® Rating: 4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Suggested Retail: $9.95

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