eFitBiz by SNEWS® Spring 2009

Always a frontrunner when it comes to delivery of news and information, with this issue of eFitBiz, SNEWS® will start to deliver news to you in a dynamic, interactive fashion like no other industry publication has -- in a virtual magazine format where you live the content. Debuting in this sixth-annual eFitBiz by SNEWS – our annual look at the state of the previous year’s retail and retailers – the virtual magazine will help you, our readers, truly live our stories and information, experience our ads and learn from the material presented. It’s not just passive, but an active adventure in reading and education. Be sure you have the volume turned on and up on your computer. You need only a SNEWS Freebie subscription to gain access -- register now by going to http://www.snewsnet.com/SNEWSFreebie/eFitBizSpring09.html



Fall 2008 SNEWS eFitBiz

This fall's journal, as always all-electronic, takes a look at the reasoning and intricacies of product distribution and the traditional fitness strategy of exclusivity. Changes at retail and with some large manufacturers' distribution prompted industry discussion, which in ...read more