Did you hear?... "Make a fortune," guaranteed. But wait there's more….

When we saw this come-on in our email promising "amazing" results, "boatloads" of money and "guaranteed" fortunes, we nearly hit "delete." But wait, there's more….

When we saw this come-on in our email promising "amazing" results, "boatloads" of money and "guaranteed" fortunes, we nearly hit "delete."

But wait, there's more….

As we gazed beyond the bold red lettering and rows of screaming capital letters, we realized that this was actually intended for the fitness industry, more specifically for health club owners and managers, so we read on. The promotion was offering what the sender called a manual that was "guaranteed" to get health club folks on "the ultimate health club money-making system." We just had to take a look….

"I want to warn you that this manual is not for everyone. It is only for those health club professionals that are serious, very serious about making money and improving their club. If you are happy where you are at and are not interested in improving your business or making more money, then this manual is not for you. If you do not like to learn how to make more money, then this manual is not for you. If you are the type of health club professional that just gets by each month barely paying bills and you like running your business this way, then this manual is not for you. If you are a health club professional and you are happy with mediocre results, then this manual is not for you."

We are even told that this "manual," offered by ClubSolutions magazine, would generate another $100,000 to $1 million in revenue and normally "would cost a fortune to acquire." However, just like the best of infomercials, the publisher is now offering it for a 99-percent discount. For $99 (plus $12.95 shipping), a buyer gets reprints of a bunch of columns from his magazine.

But wait there really is more … go to www.clubsolutions.biz/manual to see the entire schpiel for yourself.


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