Chico Bag

Now that eco-friendly products are super popular, reusable shopping bags are all the rage. Recently, we stumbled across the original version of the Chico Bag, and we’re now addicted to it for several reasons.

Now that eco-friendly products are super popular, reusable shopping bags are all the rage. The problem is, many people forget to bring the bags into the store and accidentally leave them at home or in the car. So, why do we forget them? Mostly, it’s because we’re usually just nabbing our purse or wallet and leaping out of the car. The bags are usually piled on the floorboard or in the backseat and are often a rather bulky shape (big flat folded stiff designs) or material (thick canvas).

Recently, we stumbled across the original version of the Chico Bag, and we’re now addicted to it for several reasons.

1) Made with a super thin and extremely durable nylon, it’s lightweight, sturdy (it can hold 25 pounds) and easy to carry,

2) It folds inside itself, creating a small ball not much larger than a softball (about 3 inches by 4 inches) and stays that way with a drawstring,

3) The ball-size bundle has a tiny carabiner attached to one side so you can clip it to a purse, belt or other bag, so you always have it with you or.

4) There is enough room inside the built-in pouch for a couple of plastic produce bags so you can have those handy to reuse.

5) The pouch actually acts like a small pocket hanging on an inside seam when it’s unfurled.

6) It is nylon, so it won’t tear easily or melt in wet weather like paper.

Uses are a million-fold:

>> Shopping is a no-brainer, be it in a grocery store, flea market or farmer’s market. We liked the fact that the handles are on the sides, much like grocery shopping bags, so baggers can place the bag on the metal racks most grocery stores use for their plastic bags.

>> We found it is so small and lightweight (1.5 ounces) that we’ve tossed it into our suitcase to use as an extra tote bag when meandering city streets on vacation. Clip it to a belt and then unfurl it when you buy something, which comes in pretty handy in many foreign countries where it can be more common to carry your own bag for purchases since you have to purchase shopping bags at checkout.

>> While traveling we liked using it as a just-in-case bag to hold a few things as we headed to the gym or hotel workout room.

>> And, speaking of gym, it’s a great little tote to either use as your gym bag or as an extra bag inside your gym bag to hold all those used and sweaty gym clothes as you return home.

We asked some store baggers about the bag, and they said one problem, albeit with most bags like this, is they don’t have a bottom so they have to battle with it to place goods inside. But that’s applicable to most bags. Also it measures about 18 inches by 14.5 inches, so it’s not as big as other reusable totes, and it won’t do for a week’s worth of groceries.

Really, this Chico Bag is one of the best little extra totes around. And we bet you’ll find another million uses.

SNEWS® Rating:
4.5 hands clapping (1 to 5 hands clapping possible, with 5 clapping hands representing functional and design perfection)

Retail price: $5

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