Are you that guy?

Earlier in the season, I received a phone call that must have made sense to the other guy, but left me completely bewildered. The phone rang and I answer with our standard greeting.

Earlier in the season, I received a phone call that must have made sense to the other guy, but left me completely bewildered. The phone rang and I answer with our standard greeting.

The guy asked "Hey, were you that guy who helped me the other day?"

Bewildered, I asked what the call was in reference to.

"You know, the T-shirts that I ordered from you".

Since I hadn't worked the past 3 days, and definitely didn't remember ordering any T-shirts for someone I felt safe in replying "No sir, that must have been someone else".

"Okay", he responded, "Well who was the guy who helped me?".

"I'm not sure, could you describe him for me?" I asked.

"How should I know what he looked like? I ordered them over the phone, but I want to know who the guy was who I talked to".

Now, I'm not a mind reader, but apparently he must have thought I was. When I told him that unless I had some way to identify who it was who helped him then I'd have to put him on hold to find the order in our book, his voice clouded over and he started in on the tirade that anyone who has worked in retail knows -- the one that begins with "I want to speak to your manager!".

I was happy to oblige, but only after asking him if he could remember even a part of the persons name. My luck didn't change, as his response was "No, now tell me who all works for your company!".

At that point I had to give the phone to the manager, because I was bent over laughing at the idea of having to go through our entire company roster for this guy.

-- Steven Sickinger, Massey's Professional Outfitters - Baton Rouge, LA

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