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Get your brand in front of the nation’s 1,000 outdoor specialty retail storefronts found in our new directory.
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SNEWS is specialty outdoor retail.

When we report and write our stories, there is always one question we ask: “How does it affect the specialty outdoor retailer?” Retailers are the foundation of the outdoor industry. Many of today’s household outdoor brand names owe their success to the hard work of knowledgeable and passionate outdoor retailers spreading the gospel of why the right gear matters.

SNEWS has covered hundreds, if not thousands, of outdoor retail stories. We asked around if there was a complete directory of specialty outdoor retailers, but couldn’t find one. Sure, there are top 100 rankings, trade-show attendee rosters, association directories and plenty of brand lists, but nothing focuses on the complete collection of specialty outdoor retailers. So we set out to create it.

Our Outdoor Specialty Retail Store Directory (available for purchase and download below) is truly specialty outdoor retail. We wanted a list that embodied specialty outdoor retailers — those selling at least the core outdoor products of backpacks, tents and sleeping bags. Apparel- and/or footwear-only stores or strictly ski or paddle shops are not included. We also drew the line at businesses like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Cabela’s, which play more in the sporting goods and hunting/fishing markets, respectively.

Our directory includes store name, address, phone number, and website for every shop we located in the United States that met our criteria for specialty outdoor retail. We also included store email addresses and owner names for those that are public.

The directory, updated as of August 2017, is presented in two ways: a sortable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and a phone book-like PDF download organized by state.

We have also geo-tagged all 997 retail shops on an interactive map, which you can use to easily locate shops in a certain region.

Also, important to note, this is a human-researched list that our staff spent more than a year working on. We scoured each retailer’s website and called if necessary to verify information.

The list of nearly 1,000 individual outdoor specialty storefronts is an eye-opener. While many think that the likes of REI (with 140+ locations) and L.L.Bean (46) dominate the playing field, the sum of all the smaller outdoor shops (800 or so) significantly outnumber the big boys.

It’s extra work for brands and reps to reach out to the individual shops, but the rewards can be greater. We hope this lists helps to re-establish connections and relationships, our industry’s greatest assets.

The SNEWS Outdoor Specialty Retailer Store Directory is available for purchase for $999. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. After completing the transaction, and the optional request to sign up for PayPal (click 'No Thanks' to decline), you will be instructed to "Return to Active Interest Media" (parent to SNEWS) to download the files. If you have any issues, please email

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