SOG Knives and Tools is shutting down unauthorized online sellers

The enforcement is designed to preserve prices, brand reputation, and retailer relationships.
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SOG Knives display

A SOG Knives on display inside Cabela's, an authorized dealer SOG wants to protect by cracking down on rogue resellers.

SOG (Studies and Observations Group) is in the midst of legal action against unauthorized online sellers, who are damaging the brand's reputation.

The Lynnwood, Washington-based knife and tool brand has already issued cease and desist letters to the most nefarious offenders and is exploring additional sanctions to put the "shady resellers" out of business.

“SOG has made a strategic decision to protect the SOG brand and the specialty retailers who support the brand," VP of Sales Chas Fisher said. “These rogue sellers of SOG-labeled product are doing a disservice to the consumer and are damaging the SOG brand by selling possibly counterfeit product and offering none of the warranty and support for which SOG is well known.”

In 2017, SOG launched a two-pronged initiative to tighten its distribution channels and better enforce its minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. The latest coordinated campaign is designed to eliminate deceitful online resellers, possible counterfeit, and un-warrantied SOG products.

Nite Ize has also publicly shared that it's working with Amazon to fight counterfeit by filing a joint lawsuit in federal court in Seattle.


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