Bollé uses augmented reality to help customers "try out" sunglasses

Buyers wary of using tester pairs during the pandemic can opt for an approximate experience on their smartphones.
“AR is routinely used for try-on. But AR for try-out, this is a first," said Bollé VP of global marketing Louis Cisti. 

“AR is routinely used for try-on. But AR for try-out, this is a first," said Bollé VP of global marketing Louis Cisti. 

There's a whole lot nobody wants to touch right now for fear of getting sick. For most people, tester pairs of sunglasses—transferred from face to face in public retail spaces—are likely near the top of the list.

To solve this problem, Bollé has rolled out a new digital solution that uses augmented reality to help buyers experience the brand's flagship Phantom lenses through their phones. 

SNEWS editor Andrew Weaver trying out the new tech.

SNEWS editor Andrew Weaver trying out the new tech.

The concept is relatively simple: Using an Instagram filter created in partnership with QReal and M7 Innovations, Bollé customers can see what they look like in a pair of the brand's Chronoshield frames, with a secondary option to see what their immediate surroundings look like through the Phantom lenses.

“AR is routinely used for try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out, this is a first," Louis Cisti, vice president of global marketing for Bollé said of the innovation. “In the new normal of retail, Bollé recognizes that safety is now the most important thing. Consumers demand shopping encounters that minimize physical interaction.”

Check out what the experience looks like in this video Bollé released to accompany the announcement.


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