Elizabeth Hawley

Elizabeth Hawley in a blue sweater holding a stuffed animal

Liz Hawley is known as the chronicler of the Himalaya.

Elizabeth Hawley (1923-2018) was an American journalist who moved to Nepal in 1959 and decided to stay. Her early work in Nepal was with Reuters, where she covered mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayans.

Though not a mountain climber herself, she was fascinated with the expeditions and the people who flow into Nepal each spring to climb. She began to keep records of all expeditions, conducting in person interviews with climbers in Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, and the launch point for most Nepalese expeditions.

Hawley compiled her research into The Himalayan Database, which is widely considered the bible of Himalayan expeditions, thanks to her meticulous research and documentation.

Elizabeth Hawley died at age 94 in Nepal.