Trayvax, a US-based manufacturer of slim metal wallets and belts, is pleased to announce the availability of tan webbing for its Cinch web belt. To celebrate the new webbing option, the company is discounting the Cinch belt to $20 until May 7.

“We introduced the Cinch belt exactly one-year ago,” said Gerald Craft, marketing and communications director. “Today, we manufacture just as many belts as we do wallets. The reason? Just like our wallets, it’s entirely built in the USA, built to withstand 65-years of daily use, and takes an innovative spin on a classic piece of everyday gear.”

The Cinch belt is a lightweight web belt that cinches down tight without sacrificing comfort. Built from MIL-SPEC nylon webbing and an aerospace-grade tempered aluminum buckle, the Cinch features interchangeable buckles that are available in five slick anodized finishes or three engraved designs. The belt utilizes friction to ensure it won’t come loose and is compatible with CCW.

To celebrate the launch of the tan Cinch web belt, Trayvax is offering a limited time offer with belts starting at $19.99. For more information, please visit:

About Trayvax
TrayvaxⓇ is a US-based manufacturer of slim metal wallets and outdoor gear. All products are hand-crafted and serve as a reminder to get outdoors and Earn Your Story™. It’s this greater love of the outdoors and to humankind that inspires every Trayvax design. The company’s skilled teams of artisans and craftsmen continuously improve and refine designs to ensure enduring products that last a lifetime. Completely sourced and Made in the USA, Trayvax wallets and accessories are built to be passed down to future generations, not landfills. That’s the Trayvax guarantee.

Gerald Craft