Salomon TV Debuts Every Single Street

New film follows Rickey Gates as he runs every street in San Francisco to immerse himself in the city’s neighborhoods and residents
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OGDEN, Utah (March 5, 2019) –Salomon athlete Rickey Gates set out to run every single street in San Francisco in order to get to know the city on a more personal level, after having lived there on and off for much of his life. For Gates, running is the perfect vehicle for learning about people and how the places they live shape who they are. He put that belief to the test during his Every Single Street project, running 1,303 miles on the streets of San Francisco over 46 days, from November through December 2018

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“Personally, running every single street in San Francisco gave me a completely different appreciation forthe place I've called home,” Gates explained. “It provided me with empathy for my neighbors who have less than me and more understanding of how a population works on both a micro and macro scale.”

After Rickey ran across the United States in 2017 during his TransAmericana project, he felt that he’dpredominantly seen the rural side of his home country and thus wanted to juxtapose the experience with an urban area like San Francisco. Not only is the City by the Bay known for its beauty and character, but it is also the home to extreme wealth, stark poverty and every walk of life in between, making it a fascinating location to undertake the Every Single Street project. For the life-long trail runner, it was gratifying to find such an adventure outside his own front door.

“What I'd love people to take away from a project like this is encouragement to undertake a similar challenge on their own,” Gates says. “We all have this misconception that we ‘know’ where we live. Even if it's a small town, I assure you that there are places and things that you haven't seen and didn't know about the place you call home. A project like this encourages not only our bodies to build strength and stamina, but even helps our brains rework some of the same overused paths that lead towards the monotony of the routine.”

To that end, Gates will begin another Every Single Street project again on March 9 in a different city—to be announced soon—and he’s encouraging people to do the same in their own hometown. To join in, runners can post photos on Instagram using the hashtag #EverySingleStreet and tag @salomonrunning.

(c) WanderingFever

(c) WanderingFever

“It’s a sneaky way to build up base miles. Hours would go by during my run when I didn't even reallythink about what I was doing, which is usually a sign of being in the zone,” he explains. “By the end of the day, I'd netted upwards of 30 miles, all while exploring a completely different part of the city. Getting to see new neighborhoods, people, food, smells and vistas on a daily basis made the adventure anything but monotonous.”

For footwear, Rickey relied on the all-new Salomon Predict RA road running shoe, which is designed to deliver the ultimate smooth ride thanks to a new cushioning experience that mirrors the major joints of the foot, activating where the runner needs it, when they need it. It uses an ultra-decoupled, stable, highly cushioned bottom unit mated to a 360-degree upper fit that hugs the foot.

(c) WanderingFever

(c) WanderingFever


  • 46 days of running
  • 1,303 miles (2097 kms)
  • 147,000 vertical feet of climbing
  • Shoes: Salomon Predict RA road running shoes
  • Clothes: Salomon S/Lab running apparel
  • Hydration: Salomon Agile 250 waist belt
  • Watch: Suunto 9 Baro
  • Accessories: District Vision socks and sunglasses
  • Miscellaneous: GoPro 7, iPhone, Bic 4-color pen

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