Rock/Creek Helps Connect and Protect Trails on Lookout Mountain

Today Rock/Creek and Patagonia announce a $1,000 donation to the Lula Lake Land Trust. The money will aid in the completion of the long awaited "Connector Trail" from Lula Lake to Cloudland Canyon State Park.

Today Rock/Creek and Patagonia announce a $1,000 donation to the Lula Lake Land Trust. The money will aid in the completion of the long awaited "Connector Trail" from Lula Lake to Cloudland Canyon State Park.

To date, Rock/Creek and Patagonia have contributed $10,225 toward preservation of this land. Adelaide Bratcher, Development Head for the Lula Lake Land Trust, comments on the partnership: "We initially approached Dawson and Marvin at Rock/Creek with the partnership because they sell gear to help get people outside, and they care about land preservation. They offered, without hesitation, to volunteer time and money for trails to be built with a future in public access. From past to present, so much has been accomplished for the community because of people like Dawson and Marvin, and the values they represent."

Dawson Wheeler, co- owner of Rock/Creek says, "We have deep roots in the Chattanooga area and we want this support of Lula Lake to have a lasting impact for years to come. We will continue to aid in the betterment of this beautiful area and look forward to increased public access to the natural resources on Lookout Mountain."

Bratcher explains that final approval with Georgia government agencies is still pending, but with donations such as this one from Rock/Creek and Patagonia, progress toward permanent access is evident. The most recent donations of time and money resulted in the construction of the High Point Trail and its use last year in the inaugural Rock/Creek Lookout Mountain 100K race, which also became the longest trail race in Tennessee history. This race offered a venue for runners to see the beautiful vistas and appreciate the wilderness areas that the Lula Lake Land Trust is striving to connect and protect. The next race to take place on the property will be the first day (June 19th) of the 3-day Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race. For more information on these races, visit

About the Lula Lake Land Trust:

The Lula Lake Land Trust is a non-profit organization which promotes land conservation practices by maintaining an environmental preserve, fostering educational and research opportunities, and protecting significant animal and plant life in the Lula Lake area. The Trust maintains portions of land in the northwest corner of Georgia created by the Rock Creek watershed where two water fall systems feed the small lake and offer more than six miles of hiking trails.

Historically, the land was unmonitored and disrespectful practices of mining, clear cutting, and garbage dumping threatened its natural sustainability. Mr. Robert M. Davenport purchased segments of property in 1958, establishing the core acres of property to The Lula Lake Land Trust.

About Rock/Creek:

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