Novara Announces 2010 Bicycle Line

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), today announced its 2010 line of Novara-brand bicycles during the Interbike International Bike Expo, the largest bicycle tradeshow in North America.

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), today announced its 2010 line of Novara-brand bicycles during the Interbike International Bike Expo, the largest bicycle tradeshow in North America. The new line includes a variety of pavement and mountain bicycles targeted to all types of riders from beginner to advanced, and for almost any terrain from rails-to-trails to city streets.

The award-winning Novara brand, exclusive to REI, is adding new comfort, road, mountain and women-specific bicycles to round out its collection. Its overall fit system has also been updated to make it easier for people to find the correctly sized bicycle, based on their height. Novara products will be available starting in spring 2010 on and in all REI stores.

“More people are riding bicycles to work, around town, and even for the first time,” says Steve Gluckman, Novara brand manager. “To ensure we meet those customers' needs, Novara has dedicated its focus to offering a rich mix of bicycles ideal for recreational riders and families of all skill levels.”

Novara is making sizing easier for customers to understand through the introduction of a new size system for Novara called N-Fit, or “Novara-fit.” N-Fit helps riders determine if they need a small, medium, large or x-large bicycle frame, based on their height.

Women will have more options from Novara than ever before. Novara now offers a full continuum with frames and key components meticulously fitted for a women's physique including comfort (new Jaunt xx, updated Mia, new Fiona); road (new Express xx, updated Carema and updated Carema Pro); and mountain (new Pika and updated Bonita).

2010 Highlights


• The new Jaunt ($429) and Jaunt xx (womens: $429) are focused on comfort and engineering. These “beyond the beach” cruisers are ideal for short cruises or commutes. Novara's confidence-inspiring “best foot forward” design lets you easily drop your feet to the ground without compromising pedaling efficiency.

• The updated Corsa ($449) and updated Mia (womens: $449) offer upright cruising comfort, 700c wheels for increased speed and a less “laid back” approach compared to the Jaunt series.

• The new Fiona (womens: $549) with its step-through design and flat handlebars is a sporty, all-purpose hybrid bicycle that transitions from urban commuting to bike path joyrides with ease.


• The new flatbar Express xx (womens: $799) joins the updated Express ($799) with its light carbon fork, SRAM X.7 drivetrain and extended gearing. These bikes help riders go farther and faster whether it's a community or century ride.

• The updated Divano ($849) and Carema (womens: $849) offer an aerodynamic drop bar option; while the Strada ($1,149) and Carema Pro (womens: $1,149) have also been updated for 2010, and provide extra gearing for long, fast road rides.

Urban/Commuting and Touring:

• The updated Buzz V ($449), now with larger 700c wheels, gives city-cyclists a value-choice with a stout frame, tenacious tires, and fenders to keep water and mud on the streets.

• Novara's award-winning Transfer ($649) is tough on commuting with its fuss-free internal gearing and hub-powered front lighting. Updated for 2010, it offers a solid ride on rough roads or with heavy loads. The Randonee ($999) has been updated for size and accessory compatibility for long trips.


• The new Portal ($399) and new Pika (womens: $399) are ideal for beginning mountain or gravel path cyclists. The rest of the mountain series for men and women has also been updated and includes the Bonanza ($599) and Bonita (womens: $599), and the Ponderosa ($849) and Ponderosa 29er ($899).


• In addition to its selection of rain resistant and ecoSensitive™ commuter panniers and backpacks, Novara introduces new jerseys, capris, knickers, jackets and wool-knit tops to help riders gear up for a comfortable ride. Also, Novara's ecoSensitive™ collection continues to expand as materials and products meet the co-op's criteria for improved environmental performance compared to their conventionally manufactured counterparts.

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About Novara

Novara bicycles, apparel and accessories are exclusively available through and in REI stores nationally. Since 1983, Novara has focused on getting people on bicycles and comfortable riding in a variety of cycling environments. Novara's brand products offer quality comfort, road, mountain, touring, urban, youth bicycles, apparel and accessories. Novara is also prominently featured on the co-op's online resource Bike Your Drive,, to help debunk common myths and help people start riding.

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