Hillsound Equipment Debuts FlexSteps Crampon at Snow Show

Company develops new traction devices for outdoor adventures to showcase at premier outdoor trade show
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Vancouver, BC (January, 23 2019)- Hillsound Equipment, the leading producer of winter traction equipment and gaiters for outdoor enthusiasts, is excited to announce the debut of their FlexSteps crampons at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver later this month.

The FlexSteps traction devices are different than any other traction device that Hillsound has released because of its sleek design and its 18, low profile, high impact, stainless steel spikes. The crampons are designed for people looking for reliable traction that will perform in the city and on the trails. With flexible spike plates for freedom of movement, the FlexSteps are comfortable to wear and have durable, riveted attachment points for long lasting performance.

“The FlexSteps open up more opportunities for people to get outside in snow and ice, whether on the trail, during a daily jog around the neighborhood, or taking the dog for a walk,” said Hillsound Marketing Manager YooRa Kang. “We value customer feedback above all else and there was a great demand for reliable traction that isn’t too bulky or aggressive to use in the city. We hit the sweet spots of sleekness, security, and reliability and are excited to hear what our customers think of our new product.”

The newest addition to Hillsound’s line of durable traction devices will be available in retail locations and online later this fall. Outdoor Retailer Snow Show attendees will have the opportunity to check out the FlexSteps at Hillsound booth #38015 UL.

For more information about the new product, contact Hillsound PR Representative Elizabeth Gerken: [email protected]

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About Hillsound Equipment, Inc.
Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Hillsound offers a range of highly-engineered traction devices for a variety of categories, from winter hiking to ice fishing. Hillsound also specializes in the design and manufacturing of durable and comfortable gaiters.