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Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Names New Chair & Vice Chair to Board

“Grassroots Membership is not about getting better deals or more points; it’s about doing better business!”

This week The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, announces the appointments of Bob McCain as Chairman and Mike Plante as Vice-Chairman to head its Board of Directors. Bob and Mike, owners of Buffalo Peak Outfitters and Travel Country Outdoors respectively, have a great history working in support of local outdoor retail and bring exceptional leadership to the group.

Bob McCain is the owner of Buffalo Peak Outfitters in Jackson, MS and was an early member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. About the group Bob said “I originally joined Grassroots to have the opportunity to join a group of retailers who are good at what they do”. On the importance of the group today McCain said that “the group exposes retailers to vendors in a way that we could not get on our own. As a group we can establish better relationships with vendors and increase value to the consumer”.

Mike Plante is the owner of Travel Country Outdoors in Altamonte Springs, FL. Mike brings over 28 years of outdoor retail leadership to the group and will be in line for the Chairman position in the future. Beyond brick & mortar retail, is a leader in e-commerce among independent shops along with other Grassroots members.

The group originated in 1994 as Retailers of the Outdoor Industry. Initially founded by five retail entrepreneurs who believed they could level the playing field with big box retailers through joint buying power and shared knowledge. The office is now based in Asheville, NC and led by David Matz, President, who works with a very active Board of Directors. There are 34 retail members, with 74 storefronts, employing over 1000 people nationwide. Grassroots also highlights membership with over 50 of the industry's top manufacturers.

As the group has grown over the years, it stays true to the idea that working together betters the outdoor industry. Bob McCain suggests that “Grassroots Membership is not about getting better deals or more points; it's about doing better business!” It is with shared knowledge and resources that the group has the greatest impact.

About Grassroots Outdoor Alliance
The Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is a group of independent outdoor shops dedicated to the sustainability of specialty outdoor retail and the quality of the outdoor enthusiast's experience.