Elevator Pitch | Rad Dog Release N Run Leash

Ride the elevator with Rad Dog founder Brian Dagnon.
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I was trail running in Colorado when I came up with the idea for the Release N Run Leash. I didn’t like having to carry the leash around while my dog was running around off-leash, or having to quickly clip the leash back on when encountering wildlife or people on the trail. Thus, the idea for the Release N Run was born.

The Release N Run is beloved by outdoors people, who are the most likely to let their dog off-leash for extended periods of time. The applications for trail running, mountain biking, and hiking are the most popular, but even in the front-country, the leash is useful for getting dogs in and out of cars, into the house, and to the dog park.

Made with climbers webbing, Cordura and Spectra cord, the RNR is strong enough for dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. Spectra is one of the world’s strongest and lightest fibers. The internal retracting mechanism, originally designed for extended use in salt water by scuba divers and for the tethering of tools and weapons for the police and military, has been designed for maximum strength and durability. 

All of our products are 100 percent made in the U.S. and assembled on-site here in Bellingham, Washington. All of our products are hand-sewn by local college students.

We recently won a $10,000 small business makeover contest hosted by PayPal. Paypal will be shooting a video tracking our “makeover” progress in 2018, so stay tuned. 


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