Industry veteran in critical condition after hit and run in Boulder

Andrew Bernstein remains in the hospital, while investigators search for the driver of the van in the crash.
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Andrew Bernstein on his bike

Andrew Bernstein in 2013. The cyclist and PR pro was hit by a car while on his bike near Boulder.

Andrew "Bernie" Bernstein, an account director at TRUE Communications, is in critical condition after Colorado police say he was struck in a hit and run while riding his bike near Boulder earlier this month.

Bernstein's clients include bike, fitness, and technology brands, such as Wahoo, Rapha, and Zwift. He's been in the bike and outdoor industries for years, as a former editor of Bicycling magazine and as a mountain bike, track, and road racer.

Van in Andrew Bernstein crash

Investigators believe this white or gray 1994-2003 Dodge Cargo Van struck Bernstein on his bike.

On July 20, Bernstein was riding home to Boulder from Erie after a velodrome workout, when he was struck from behind by a third-generation Dodge Cargo Van 2500 or 3500, according to Colorado State Patrol. The van then fled the scene.

Bernstein's brother, Eric Bernstein, told Pink Bike that his bike snapped in half and he suffered severe internal injuries, including multiple broken bones like his vertebrae.

Investigators are asking that anyone with information related to the vehicle or crash call 303-239-4501.

Gloria Liu, a journalist and Bernstein's fiancee who met him at Bicycling, told SNEWS:

"If you could describe Andrew in one word, I'd choose 'loyal.' He's the steadfast and committed partner, brother, son, and friend that you can count on to come through whether you're in a tough situation or just made plans to catch up over beers. He's the guy whose passion is not just racing bikes but promoting cycling events, because he loves providing that special experience for other people. What he's now going through is a level of pain and suffering that no one deserves, least of all someone so caring and dedicated to others. We're devastated for Andrew, and as any family would do, are doing everything in our absolute power to first and foremost, aid his recovery, and secondly, to find the person who hit him and cared so little for his life that he or she left him on the side of the road."

The best thing people can do at this moment is help us get the word out and try to find this driver. We're asking the outdoor community to pull together, share the story, and show that this kind of behavior won't be tolerated in the kind of community we want to live in. Secondarily, it is going to be a long road for Andrew. The long-term support and friendship of the outdoor industry will certainly mean a lot to him. When Andrew was racing the velodrome in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, where we lived before moving to Boulder in September, he had his own little section in the stands where all his friends would congregate on Friday nights and cheer for him. He'd always text me and ask me who was up there. It meant a lot to him to have that support. So let's show him how many people he has in his corner now."

Let's rally around Bernstein as he recovers and heals. Comment on our story with messages of support for him. 



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