RAMP Sports Focuses On Getting Girls Outside


RAMP Sports Focuses On Getting Girls Outside

RAMP Partners With SheJumps To Provide Outdoor Learning Experience 

Park City, UT - 8/9/2013– RAMP Sports has proudly partnered with SheJumps, a non-profit dedicated to getting girls outside in a fun and educational manner, to provide outdoor experiences in supportive scenarios and encouraging girls to get out and get more involved 

As a result of the partnership between RAMP Sports and SheJumps, 14 members of the Boys & Girls Club of Salt Lake City went for a day of standup paddleboarding at Jordanelle State Park, learning team building tactics and outdoor skills. Afterwards, they were guided through the RAMP ski and snowboard factory in Park City, Utah, to see how outdoor products can be made in an eco-friendly way and to see how entrepreneurs can build reality out of a dream, encouraging them to take risks and work hard to achieve their goals.

“We really love helping get kids outside and being part of our local community,” said Michael Kilchenstein, Founder and CESnow of RAMP Sports. “Along with that goes backing local causes, and SheJumps is one that we’re more than happy to support. Vanessa Pierce, our communications director is one of the founders of SheJumps, and we signed up as quickly as we could, knowing their group, their cause and methods.”

RAMP will team up with SheJumps again on Sunday, August 25, to offer a Get The Girls Out day, part of a national campaign offered by SheJumps, to unite women as they support, challenge, mentor, and inspire each other in the outdoor sports world. 


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About RAMP Sports

Based in Park City, UT, RAMP Sports is a ski and snowboard manufacturer‑and SUP dealer‑bringing expertly handcrafted gear to customers at factory direct prices. RAMP is 100% Utah based company from design and development to production, in its state of the art facility in Park City. RAMP is skier and rider owned making top-quality skis and boards using groundbreaking manufacturing techniques. Please visit http://www.rampsports.com/ for more information.

About SheJumps

Based in Salt Lake City, UT, SheJumps strives to increase female participation in outdoor activities. Working with everyone from beginners to seasoned pros, SheJumps continues to foster a powerful support network for women and girls from the first time they set foot in the outdoors until their feet are firmly planted on the tops of the podiums. 

SheJumps Girls at the RAMP Factory


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