Omegawave Announces World’s First Training Optimizer for Personal Trainers


Omegawave, the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions, announces the release of Omegawave Fitness at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Conference in Los Angeles, CA. Omegawave Fitness provides personal trainers with more tools to improve their clients’ results and creates a competitive edge for gyms and training facilities -- while offering clients an easy and motivational way to reach their fitness goals. Omegawave Fitness will be available to pilot gyms in a testing program in September, gradually expanding to a wider array of gyms throughout Q4, 2013.

Omegawave Fitness is a training and performance optimizer, which includes an electrocardiogram (EGC) sensor belt, Apple iPad application for the personal trainer and an iOS/Android mobile app for the client. The client uses the sensor belt to take a 2-minute measurement of their ECG wave. After the measurement, the application sends the measurement data to Omegawave cloud service, where the raw data is analyzed. The results are then pushed both to the personal trainer's iPad and client's mobile device. From the iPad application dashboard, the personal trainer can easily see the client's cardiac readiness, aerobic and anaerobic readiness, recovery pattern and recommended training heart rate zones, which will empower the personal trainer to create the right training plan for the client or make necessary adjustments to the existing one.

The Omegawave Fitness solution offers personal trainers an easy and fast way to see their clients’ current training readiness while effectively tracking their progress and seeing how various kinds of training are affecting their clients’ cardiac fitness. Training platforms with this type of refined measurement and accurate tracking greatly reduce the guesswork when creating personalized training programs. Personal trainers will be able to use a bevy of reports to properly assess the client and provide relevant training advice. Both the app and the personal trainer can work congruously to help balance clients’ physical stress levels.

The use of Omegawave Fitness solution is seamless and simple. In addition to experiencing a safer and more productive workout regimen, Omegawave Fitness allows gyms to enhance their revenue streams with subscription-based service models, retail sales of units and remote personal trainer/client relationships. Additionally, multiple personal trainers can use the same iPad application, so overhead and initial investment costs can be kept to a minimum.

Omegawave Fitness solution will be available for purchase in Q4 2013 and will be compatible with the latest iPad models running the newest iOS version.

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About Omegawave

Omegawave is the leading provider of training and performance optimizer solutions. Its’ products help sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, teams and coaches to measure and manage readiness to maximize training and performance. Multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams, NFL, MLS, NHL as well as other sports organizations and individual athletes are using Omegawave. 

 Founded by former professional athletes and sports scientists, the company is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The North American regional office is located in Portland, Oregon, and the company has sales representatives in multiple markets. Omegawave products are sold globally.