Adidas Outdoor Athlete Don Bowie Attempts Five Documented Speed Ascents in Six Months


Outdoor Enthusiasts Invited to Follow Bowie’s Journey Through his Website, Facebook and Instagram

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 20, 2016)adidas Outdoor, the athletic brand in the outdoors, today announces its athlete, alpinist Don Bowie, 46, will attempt five documented speed ascents combining climbing, running and biking on mountains in Argentina, Italy and the U.S. Bowie’s six-month journey began last month, ascending San Gorgornio, the highest peak in Southern California, from the Pacific Ocean, in the fastest known time in nine hours and 36 minutes on Aug. 7. He biked 88 miles, ran nine and a half miles and climbed a total of 15,086 vertical feet. Bowie plans on ending his expeditions Jan. 21, 2017 on Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemispheres.

“We encourage our athletes to constantly push the limits, and set goals, and that is exactly what Don is doing,” said Greg Thomsen, managing director, adidas Outdoor U.S. “He is known for his speed ascents, and approaching them in a fast and light style using our apparel and footwear designed to excel in these kinds of pursuits. Don works tirelessly to reach his goals, and continues to demonstrate unbelievable resolve – which is why he is an ideal brand ambassador for us.”

Details and time goals on the remaining ascents include the following:

  • Sept. 25 – Ascend Mont Blanc in Italy from sea level in less than 24 hours by biking 180 miles, running eight miles and climbing a total of 22,211 vertical feet.
  • Oct. 1 – Ascend Mt. Elbert in Colorado from its lowest point to its highest point in less than 24 hours by biking 335 miles, running five miles and climbing a total of 20,843 vertical feet.
  • Nov. 7 – Attempt a new record by ascending Mt. Whitney in California from Badwater Basin (lowest point in the U.S. at 282-feet below sea level) in less than 13 hours by biking 135 miles, running seven miles and climbing a total of 23,252 vertical feet.
  • Jan. 21, 2017 – Ascend Aconcagua in Argentina, from the Pacific Ocean, in less than 24 hours by biking 117 miles, running 19 miles and climbing a total of 23,837 vertical feet.

“I have been attempting and setting speed record ascents for the past few years, but this will be the first time I have attempted five of them in this short of a time period,” said Bowie. “The physical and mental training and preparation that goes into this kind of feat can be both rewarding and draining at the same time, but working towards my ultimate goal makes it worth it. I’m looking forward to the remainder of this year, and into 2017. I appreciate adidas Oudoor’s continued support.”

During the five attempts Bowie will be wearing adidas Outdoor apparel and footwear including the Terrex Agravic shoes and Terrex Agravic shorts. adidas Outdoor and Bowie invite the public to follow him throughout his journey through his website and social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

Dates of the scheduled ascents are dependent on climate and weather conditions, and subject to change.

About adidas Outdoor

adidas Outdoor is the athletic brand in the outdoors. The company’s founder, Adi Dassler, designed equipment solutions for athletes that improved their performance. The long history of adidas Outdoor began in the 1970s with the creation of the first light trekking shoes. Climbing legend Reinhold Messner helped adidas design super light and fast approach hiking shoes for his first Everest ascent without supplemental oxygen in 1980. The tradition continues today with products influenced by Messner, as well as notable extreme outdoor adventurers from around the world.