By combining my love of art, science, and the outdoors, Beatnik Prints has created a new breed of design by transforming the topography of some amazing parts of this country into psychedelic explosions of color and form.

Starting with landscapes from America's National Parks, as well as my favorite spots in my home state of Colorado and my favorite playground of southern Utah, I have now expanded across the country, creating mind-bending prints in all 50 states.

Beatnik Prints topographic tee

Beatnik Prints makes sculptures and apparel using topographical data from the most beautiful places in the U.S.

We make sculptures and prints with the topographical data from over 200 places. Now, we’re also branching out into apparel, with leggings, tees, and headbands. We’re hoping to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to create a modern future for psychedelic clothing. All products are made in Colorado, and all of the fabric waste is shredded and repurposed, creating as little impact as possible while making a sustainable, comfortable, and attractive product. By manufacturing locally, I have incredible flexibility and control over the pattern and locations that end up on each piece of clothing, which allows me to make a custom piece of clothing for your favorite special place in the country. If you want to wear your favorite mountain, rock, or that special trip you took, Beatnik Prints allows you to do just that like never before.

If we reach our goal on Kickstarter, we’ll be able to create a permanent digital storefront, and go on tour to music and art festivals across the country.

I think it's time that tie-dye had some friendly competition.

Beatnik Prints: A new connection to your favorite places.

Learn more about Beatnik Prints here.

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