Decker and Associates Launches New Mobile1st Website with REPatron

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Sarasota, FL (June3, 2016) Decker & Associates has launched a new Sales Agency Mobile1st website with REPatron. Since over 60% of all web traffic is over a mobile device, the new website is optimized for mobile devices such as phones and iPads as well as computers.


Decker & Associates is an award winning sales agency based out of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. As an action and leisure sports sales group, they are committed to quality products and superior customer service. They represent top tiered brands such as Nordica, Never Summer Industries, Tecnica, Blizzard, adidas Outdoor and Helly Hansen.


Designed to better support the retailers and showcase the brand partners, the new site also has state of the art social integration with Facebook Publishing from the website and Instagram feeds from the brands represented. Coupled with the REPatron Signature Updating & Support Service, the website is always updated and current without the agency worrying about learning to web design or take time away from selling/servicing the retailers. As a launch member of the , which is also Mobile1st, it was a good time to upgrade the site.


For More Info, please contact:
Peter Pawlus
Principal, REPatron & Founder, Oudoor Rep Directory

Brad Decker
Principal, Decker & Associates