Sure Winner: MSR Trailshot Microfilter


MSR's new Trailshot Microfilter is light, packable and easy to use.

 The Trailshot: Squeeze your way to clean water. Photo: Courtesy

The Trailshot: Squeeze your way to clean water. Photo: Courtesy

The MSR Trailshot is a superlight, superpackable water filter. MSR bills it as ideal for speed demons--trail runners, mountain bikers, fastpackers and the like--but this filter will appeal to any backpacker at all. Unlike most pump style filters that require you to move a lever or handle up and down to force water through the system, the Trailshot uses a silicone squeeze pump to draw water through the 15-inch hose and hollow fiber filter element .

It takes 1 minute flat to filter a liter of water, and you get a great little hand workout—kind of like squeezing one of those stress balls.

The cool thing about this device is that it’s also designed so you can sip directly from a stream--without laying in the dirt--using the mouthpiece, just drop the end in your water source, squeeze and sip.

MSR says the filter will last through 2,000 liters and meets NSF Protocol P231 for removal of bacteria, protozoa & particulate. If the flow rate slows down in the field, just a few shakes--think MSR Shaker Jet technology!--should clear things up.

The Trailshot weighs just over 5 ounces and packs down tiny enough to slip into any exterior pack pocket for quick access on the trail.



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