Orange Mud Releases The Gear Quiver


We’re excited to announce the launch of the Gear Quiver, a shoulder based gear holder for athletic activities. Why carry an armband, waist pack or big backpack when a low profile, minimal footprint will do? The Gear Quiver is perfect for running, biking, and snowboarding with your phone, wallet, light jacket, keys and nutrition in a “forget it is there” package.

The Gear Quiver is a shoulder mounted pack designed to hold your electronics, nutrition, etc in a low profile, breathable, super light design. Perfect for lunch time runs, mountain bike rides where bottles are on your bike, and races where hydration isn't a concern. The rear cargo is secured via a top sliding YKK zipper that you can access on the fly. A soft flask or water bottle can be put in the back in a pinch too. Inside of it is a pocket for big phones like your iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy and other large format phones with cases. Did we really design something for running and riding primarily around electronics? Well, yes, yes we did. 

Key Features

  • 4 way stretch shoulder pockets for nutrition, electronics, chap-stick, etc. 
  • YKK zipper secured rear cargo with interior pockets. 
  • Rear pockets designed to fit iPhone 6+ in a waterproof case. We added 20% over the 6+ sizing for the inside pocket. 
  • Have a tablet phone? We know some of you do, the elastic rear cargo can hold that. 
  • 4 way stretch back panel allows for a low profile look, but expands to hold jackets and more bulky items.
  • Padded back and short footprint allows maximum airflow.
  • Glove like design for a comfy fit, same footprint as the HydraQuiver. 
  • Weight 5.7 oz, 162 grams
  • Reflective trim for night time safety.

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About Orange Mud

Our philosophy at Orange Mud is very simple, make the most efficient, well crafted, American made gear. Our design team has spent years competing in adventure racing, mountain bike racing, trail running, marathons, Ironman's and some awfully fun outdoor adventures. Years of training for these events has often left us searching for the next best thing, but many times it's just not there. So we figure someone has to make it, why not us? We have a lot of ideas but realize that we may not all be the sharpest tools in the shed. If there is something that you always thought would be awesome, let us know. Maybe we'll turn the idea into reality.