New England Footwear Changes the View … by thinking inside the box

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Stratham, NH

July 18, 2013

New England Footwear Changes the View … by thinking inside the box

The “Shoe Box” is dead … Long live the VIEWBOX™!

New England Footwear, the parent company of GoLite Footwear collections, has designed a new package for all of its footwear and named it the VIEWBOX™.

According to Doug Clark, the founder and CEO of NEF, “self-service products displayed on the selling floor have continually outperformed the conventional backroom approach to selling shoes.”

More and more consumers prefer selecting products on their own rather than depending on a sales associate to search in a back room. Our research indicates that if the consumer can get the information they need while having easy access to the shoe, they will be three times more likely to try it on. Up until now, self service footwear has been limited to value priced footwear, but all of that is about to change.

New England Footwear set out to create a new system that delivers a premium self service experience and transforms the visual impact of the selling floor.

The VIEWBOX™ by New England Footwear is designed as a self-service, on-floor point of sale piece. The high quality box has openings that allow the shoe to be viewed from all sides, and features informational graphics about the product. The VIEWBOX™ is enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve for protection.

In addition, there are no fillers or forms in the box or shoes. The shoes can go in and out of the box easily and stay put for easy storage and re-stocking.

We are confident that these new boxes will intrigue, inform and call the consumer to pick up a box, sit down and try it on. And once they try our shoes on… the real enjoyment begins.

Come and see our new Point of Sale products at OR Booth # 29177W and at Platform Booth # 62753.

About New England Footwear

New England Footwear, based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, is an innovative leader in the design, technology and marketing of premium-quality footwear. New England Footwear specializes in end-use specific footwear that meets the real needs of real people, offering unparalleled footwear construction using Rock Absorber™ technology, premium leather, Gripstick™ Rubber, flexible Gecko outsoles, and a patented PreciseFit™ system. New England Footwear has three footwear collections: GoLite Footwear, Variōs by GoLite, and Sunapee by GoLite. The products can be found in specialty stores, department stores and online retailers throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East. To learn more about New England Footwear, visit and, or contact Joe Campisi at (603) 292–6584.