Innate: The Lost (in Translation) Interview. Part 3 of 3


Vancouver, B.C. July 22, 2013 - The following is the third and final (finally) excerpt from a transcript of an actual fake interview. It features Innate’s Managing Director, Greg Foweraker. Here he discusses how Innate’s products reflect the company’s design philosophy – essentially he’s talking about some awesome gear that’s pretty cool. And it sounds like they’re in booth 165 at Outdoor Retailer.

INTERVIEWER: So let’s talk about some awesome gear that’s pretty cool – stuff you’d have in your booth at Summer Market, booth 165. Do you guys make anything like that?

GREG: Well, if that’s what you want to call it, then yeah, we mostly do the awesome/cool thing.

INTERVIEWER: So if I’m looking for something new, something innovative at Summer Market, I should visit your booth? Booth 165?

GREG: Absolutely. Sometimes it’s hard to find that defining new thing among the sea of water bottles, man-purses and sportswear, but ultimately this is a gathering of creative problem solvers. And most of us do a very good job. Sometimes even Innately.

But we strive to find a way to elevate everything we make – to take it beyond just being new. We’ve succeeded when we create what seems like an
accessory at first glance, but quickly becomes an essential with its first use.

INTERVIEWER: So how does that apply? Do you have an example of something innovative? A product you have in your booth – booth 165 at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013?

GREG: Let’s start with something simple – I think that would be best for you. Here’s a classic – the Doppio. It’s an insulated tumbler, but it is elevated by design.

Innate Doppio

We saw and heard the need from our brethren for something that held a double – at least – espresso and if you’re committed to the sin of using milk, some room for that too. That espresso may be on its way to the office, or it may be on its way to a backcountry ski day. It needs a cup that’ll work in both of those realms - one that also needs to fit into your kitchen.

So we designed the Doppio to be portion-appropriate and durable, to keep coffee warm during travel, to minimize spills and to look good. It combines function, style and performance with elevated design.

INTERVIEWER: Wow. I get it. Very innovative.

GREG: Please stop saying “innovative”. It’s very 1990’s.

INTERVIEWER: How about “Innate-vative”?

GREG: Worse.

Look, let’s continue to keep it simple, but take this example of design in action up a notch with a couple of our new products. We have a new wallet - perfect for travel. It’s streamlined, yet designed to snugly hold a passport. Okay, fine. But the difference is in the fabric we used. It shields RFID frequencies found on your passport and credit cards from would-be identity thieves. Imagine having your identity stolen and your credit cards maxed out while you’re in some remote Mongolian outpost – or downtown Salt Lake City. This wallet could help prevent that.

Innate RFID Wallet

INTERVIEWER: You should call it the RFID Wallet.

GREG: We did. That’s what it’s called. I’d hazard to say you have an Innate understanding of how we work here.

INTERVIEWER: Fools seldom differ. So I can see this, plus the whole line of your innovative gear and accessories for active travel in your booth – booth 165?

GREG: You’re really catching on. Come see our new vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle – the Lineo. It really is a better bottle option. There are some design aspects that really elevate it above the sea of ordinary BPA-free-is-our-only-feature bottles at OR. Take the lid as an example – its leak-proof and uses a pretty ingenious one-handed push-button system to let you drink. Realizing that folks actually use these things outside where it’s dirty, and in the office where that runny-nosed slob leans over your shoulder and projectile sneezes all over your desk, we added our GritGuard. The GritGuard shields the drinking area from the health-risks and annoyances of trailside dirt and sneeze-borne snot. It’s a small thing that really makes a difference.

Innate Lineo

INTERVIEWER: Wow. You guys in booth 165 in the north hall are awesome. What else?

GREG: Well as Mr. Jobs used to say, “Oh, one more thing” – actually two. We’ve taken the travel pillow up a notch comfort-wise by employing an organic cotton laminate for next-to-skin comfort. It's very nice. We also have a new to-go cup – the Vivo Vacuum Sleeve – that has a unique lid closure inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. And, as we said earlier, if we have not been on your radar, everything we make is essentially new – or at
least new-to-you. Come by booth 165 at Summer Market.

Innate Respite Commuter Pillow

INTERVIEWER: Booth 165? That’s a right turn after I step off of the main escalator? Down the hall past Granite Gear?

GREG: Yes. Innate. Booth 165. Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. It’s a really big booth. Massive. Huge crowds gather for the topless carwash – featuring Mr. Robyn Gibson, our VP of Sales – and the incredibly dangerous fireworks extravaganza we hold every hour. You can’t miss it. Follow the trail of suds and smell of smoke.

INTERVIEWER: Anything else you brought to the show?

GREG: Yes – whiskey and order forms. So buyers, c’mon by, have a snort or two, pick up an order form – let’s see what happens.

About Innate:
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Innate creates essential products that deliver seamless performance for travel, work and adventure.
It’s in Innate’s DNA to be active, progressive participants in the global community. They strive to make carefully considered choices that reduce their ecological footprint in keeping with a design philosophy of Leaner, Cleaner, Greener.

Innate has a simple goal: for you to experience lasting satisfaction from their products and recommend them to your family and friends.

To learn more about Innate, visit:, or contact Jordan Kling at 604-566-8950 or



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