Himalayan Stove Project Announces Donation Agreement with adidas Outdoor

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Donors Who Help Clear the Air in Nepal

Receive Huge Discounts on Shoes and Apparel

TAOS, N.M. (August 11, 2016) – Supporters of the Himalayan Stove Project (HSP), a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Taos, N.M., can now save money on footwear, performance tops, vests and more from adidas Outdoor while also contributing to a campaign to send clean-burning, fuel-efficient cook stoves to impoverished families in the high Himalayas of Nepal.

A new program that offers one dollar in shoes and apparel rebates for each donated dollar was announced by adidas Outdoor USA’s Greg Thomsen, managing director, and George Basch, founder and “Chief Cook” of the HSP.

In 2014, adidas Outdoor nominated the Himalayan Stove Project for its prestigious Outdoor Inspiration Award, based upon its record of shipping 3,064 Envirofit cook stoves to underprivileged communities in Nepal over the past five years.

Another 577 cook stoves arrived in late July 2016 in Kathmandu for immediate distribution to rural areas.

As part of the new offer, for every dollar that supporters donate to the HSP over $150, and in increments of $150 thereafter, they will receive the same amount back as a discount when they order from adidasOutdoor.com. The offer applies to products priced at least twice the amount of the donation.

The long history of adidas Outdoor began in the 1970s with the creation of the first lightweight trekking shoes. Climbing legend Reinhold Messner helped adidas design super light and fast approach hiking shoes for his first Everest ascent without supplemental oxygen in 1980. The tradition continues today with products influenced by Messner, as well as notable extreme outdoor adventurers from around the world.

“A donation of just $150 per stove transforms the lives of individuals, families and communities who now cook with traditional, rudimentary stoves, or over open fire pits inside their homes,” said Basch.

“If stacked one atop the other, the stoves we've delivered to date would reach one-third of the way from Base Camp to the summit of Mount Everest. Reaching the summit would require 10,856 stoves.”

Basch continues, “We profoundly and positively influence the health of an entire Nepali family in 10 minutes – the time it takes to install a stove and reduce Household Air Pollution (HAP) by 90 percent, and consumption of fuel – wood, crop waste, and/or dung – by 75 percent.”

For more details about the adidas Outdoor promotion, including a link to confirm donations and receive a gift card, click “Make a Donation Now” at http://himalayanstoveproject.causevox.com

The Himalayan Stove Project is based at 1335 Paseo del Pueblo Sur #305

Taos NM 87571, 505 363 8863, george@himalayanstoveproject.org

http://www.himalayanstoveproject.org/, #ReachTheSummit

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