Sea to Summit’s Ultralight Hammock wins Best In Show by GearJunkie at Outdoor Retailer


Boulder, CO (August 11, 2016) Sea to Summit is excited to receive a second accolade for its Ultralight Hammock, debuted at OutDoor, Germany and winning an Industry Award at that show, then recently launching at Outdoor Retailer and winning the prestigious and coveted Best In Show award by the GearJunkie.

“Our team of editors deliberated for hours about this year’s awards, and we are confident that it [the Ultralight Hammock] is among the most innovative, best designed, and unique products being offered for the 2017 year in the outdoors space”, states the GearJunkie team.

Like many of their products that enter an established category, Sea to Summit has re-imagined the hammock to be much lighter, more compact and easier to use than anything before it.

The Ultralight Hammock is made from a specifically developed high-tensile monofilament nylon fabric that is extremely compressible, very strong, highly breathable and ultra-lightweight, weighing only 4.9 ounces. The quick connect buckles do away with the need for carabiners, ropes or cord, and the more traditional ways of suspending and tensioning a hammock.

Tim Miller, the product’s designer, described his approach, “We wanted to improve the experience of using a hammock. We looked at what we hadn’t seen in the hammocks we’d used over the years. How could we make it easier to set up with lighter weight hardware, could we make it more breathable and therefore more comfortable to sleep in and how could we make the packed size impressively small. The Ultralight Hammock is the realization of those design aspirations."

The full range of hammocks and hammock accessories, which are launching in spring of 2017, are yet another vivid example of how Sea to Summit brings together cutting edge materials and innovative designs to every new category they bring to market.


About Sea to Summit

Sea to Summit is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, meticulously engineered, lightweight outdoor gear designed for camping, backpacking, water sports, and travel. The company takes its name from co-founder Tim Macartney-Snape’s 1990 solo expedition from the Bay of Bengal to the top of Mt. Everest. Its research, design and development teams are based in Perth, Western Australia where the company was founded and its North American headquarters are found in Boulder, Colorado. Whether your adventures take you to the sea, a summit or places in between, Sea to Summit’s products will more than earn their space in your bag. 

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