A Collaboration between Humans and Nature Begins with a Partnership between Schoeller and The Lost Explorer Founder, David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild

The Lost Explorer, and its founder David de Rothschild has embarked on a long-term partnership with Schoeller Textil AG that will include much collaboration. Mr. de Rothschild has also agreed to be Schoeller’s eco-ambassador with the goal of invigorating and strengthening the eco-conscious of the Swiss business. Both companies are dedicated to the discovery, research and implementation of sustainable, durable supplies and products with outstanding longevity. David de Rothschild explains in this interview with Schoeller what The Lost Explorer is in concept and product and how he sees the collaboration with the innovative Swiss Textile company.

Who are you and what is The Lost Explorer?

David de Rothschild:

The Lost Explorer is AN OUTFITTER FOR EVERYDAY EXPLORERS, BRINGING TOGETHER STYLE AND NATURAL PERFORMANCE. The whole collection is inspired by our love of culture, history, travel and the uniquely functional products we have found along the journey. We are explorers of both the human world and natural world, and the fascinating way they coexist.

How did you come to want to work with Schoeller?

David de Rothschild:

Schoeller has always been at the top of list of companies that we are keen to collaborate with. So we decided to do some digging into our network to see who we knew who could find a way to connect with the innovative Swiss company. Jono, our head of design and co-founder, sat down and had pizza and meatballs with Tom Weinbeinder of Schoeller USA at Tony‘s in San Fransico. Great pizza! Tom and Jono discovered that our two companies share some passions and future thinking regarding the apparel industry. After further explaining our direction and vision for the brand. Tom insisted we speak with Siegfried Winkelbeiner, the CEO of Schoeller, and the rest is history!

Why are we a perfect partner for your project?

David de Rothschild:

When it comes to curating our collections, our approach from the outset has always been about the materials story being first. So with this in mind, the materials, processes, and intentions that go into the design of our goods and apparel, will always place nature as the face of the brand. I am constantly inspired and influenced by the ability of nature to re-imagine itself, time and time again. Schoeller’s R&D and textile designers are of the same mind and are experts in building world-leading performance materials and thus a great partnership was born.

How do you see Schoellers role in The Lost Explore?

David de Rothschild:

All design is a collaboration between humans and nature, but ultimately the part where we hold the greatest responsibility, is how nature’s concerns and contributions will be considered or dismissed. In practical terms, we see Schoeller as part of an extended family of innovators. We want to push The Lost Explorer and Schoeller to the forefront of what we call ‘Natural Performance’.

Our first common project is corkshell. Why did you chose this technology?

David de Rothschild:

Both the apparel and goods part of the first will be anchored in schoeller®-naturetec wool blends with corkshellTM. We chose this textile technology as it is both water resistant and highly breathable; not to mention that we believe it is a material that needs to be explored more in terms of applications and performance. The collection speaks to nature’s simplicity, functionality and ability to outfit our customers for the adventure that is everyday life.

What are your plans with corkshellTM?

David de Rothschild:

For the apparel, we plan to launch with a mountain-inspired jacket as well as a vintage 1920’s fireman’s jacket re-made out of Schoeller fabrics with corkshellTM. We are also releasing a limited edition performance Californian construction slipper and vintage-inspired traveler bag that doubles up as the perfect weekender bag. The idea is to create a collection of different products that are anchored by the same material, again reinforcing the story we want to tell that puts nature first!

Do you already have continuative plans with Schoeller products?

David de Rothschild:

I like to think of this as the opening chapter on a great adventure! So yes there will be many more products to follow. Watch this space!

What do you see as the long term impact of the partnership of The Lost Explorer and Schoeller?

David de Rothschild:

We hope to challenge the norm of what is expected from the adventure / performance industry. Also, we see the partnership as a fresh perspective, perhaps we are interested in creating a broad platform that can house stories, ideas, passions, and adventures of all different kinds of people. Adventure is personal to everyone, and arises from a deep connection with the world around us. Our intention is to always advocate for adventure. Whether you’re walking to the corner store, or travelling halfway around the world your notion of adventure is only limited by how courageous your curiosity can be. We don’t want to be defined by one thing: rather sculpted by many, a path that Schoeller has been treading for some time.