Hyperlite Mountain Gear Introduces Ultralight Messenger Bag for Urban Transport

 Hyperlite Mountain Gear releases an ultralight, minimalist Messenger Bag.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear releases an ultralight, minimalist Messenger Bag.

Biddeford, ME (October 1, 2015): In response to customer research and requests, Hyperlite Mountain Gear is introducing an ultralight, minimalist Messenger Bag to its lineup of high-tech, ultralight outdoor gear.

“People who use Hyperlite Mountain Gear equipment aspire to travel light and to live simply not only on backcountry adventures, but also in daily life,” explained CEO Mike St. Pierre. “They spend months or years paring down their thru hiking or alpine kits to include the lightest gear possible. So we decided to offer these customers the chance to lighten their load in town. Our ultralight, ultra-durable Messenger Bag is optimized to be as reliable in the urban environment as our packs and shelters are in the wilderness.”

Made of 150-denier white or black Dyneema® Cuben Fiber, the Messenger Bag is durable, highly water resistant and one of the lightest bags on the market. Weighing just 1lb. 2oz., it accommodates up to a 15” laptop and is comfortably unnoticeable on that purposeful stride to work or cycling through the city streets. The Messenger Bag will be available starting October 5, 2015. For more information, please visit the Hyperlite Mountain Gear blog or email Lizzy Scully at lizzy@hyperlitemountaingear.com.