SNEWS Reviews: CW-X Stabilyx Tight

Compression products are a friend to all your customers.

Compression products aren’t just for the hard-core athletes among us.


Compression is a friend to all your customers.

SNEWS female testers recently wrapped up a year testing the CW-X Stabilyx Capri Tights (MSRP $110), with much satisfaction and many happy muscles.

The two testers are both avid runners in Colorado and used the tights for both cold- and warm-weather running conditions. The product has CW-X’s Support Web, which provided support for the lower abdominals, back, hamstrings and quadriceps.

The fabric, 80 percent Coolmax and 20 percent Lycra four-way stretch, kept the testers warm and comfy on cold days but managed to keep them from overheating on warm days. The fabric is also pretty tough, as it didn’t tear on a few tumbles during a winter trail marathon.

Complaints: As with most compression items, the tights are a little rough to get up over the booty. For our testers it was like putting on a wetsuit on some days — days after they ate lots of chocolate or days when they were just more rotund than usual.

The best way to get them on is to line up the spot for the knees first and then pull the rest up afterward.

One tester also said there doesn’t seem to be a need for the drawstring.

“I just don’t get drawstrings in tights,” she said.

Both testers prefer the full-length tight versus the capri. Why should the quads and hamstrings get all the love and the calves be left in the cold — literally?

Commendations: There was a noticeable difference on runs wearing the Stabilyx tights and runs without them. Both testers reported feeling less fatigued on runs where they wore the product versus those when they just wore shorts or non-compression tights.

For a compression item, they were very comfortable, even on those days when testers struggled to get them on.

One tester, a mother of two, used the tights to come back from running after having surgery that left her with an incision on her abdomen.

“The tights were incredibly supportive,” she reported. She credits the support offered in the abdominal area from the Stabilyx tights for helping her get back into running faster.

The other tester used the tights while training for two marathons and a 50K. Back-to-back long runs were easier to recover from when she wore these tights.



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