What are the benefits of a SNEWS subscription?

I get information from free sites. Why is SNEWS different?

SNEWS’ dedicated team of professional journalists actively research, investigate and write about the trends, news and happenings in our industry. Other sites may post press releases and call it news, but at SNEWS, our editorial team uses its industry knowledge, connections and resources to report information that is essential to the success of your business and our industry as a whole.

How does this differ from the “Freebie” subscription you previously offered?

A Freebie or metered subscription is quite similar. The major difference now is that you can read any article on SNEWS, search our archives, surveys and more — all within your metered limit.

Why do you require Freebies to login?

Our readers are the most important part of SNEWS. And knowing who our readers are helps our team better understand the type of news and information that is pertinent and relevant to you. We don’t ask for much info, just standard contact information. We never sell or share your information, and you can always opt-out from receiving eNewsletters or affiliated partner news by managing your subscription preferences.

With metering, how do I know when I’ve reached my limit of monthly articles?

If you are a frequent SNEWS reader and are not a paid subscriber, you will receive a warning before you reach your limit. After you have reached your limit, you will have the opportunity to subscribe to SNEWS so you can continue to use the site. If you decided not to subscribe, you will continue to be able to access the site within the metering limits.

If I purchase an Individual Subscription, can I share my login information with others?

No. This is against our user agreement and we will deactivate your subscription without a refund if you are found to be in violation.