is the Latest Platform Dedicated to Women’s Voices in Outdoor Media


Elite trail runner Gina Lucrezi is the driving force behind, a new website that launched earlier this week featuring an all-women list of contributors who work, live and compete in the outdoors.


“I've worked in the outdoor industry for quite some time and couldn't help to notice the lack of female voice in the space relative to the growing amount of female participation,” says Lucrezi, who had been writing a column for the ultrarunning website called “Trail Sisters” for the past few years.

“With, I wanted to create a distinct channel for female expression through informative articles, entertaining stories and inspirational anecdotes. is now poised to grow into a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts based on four pillars that encapsulate the website’s editorial values and focus. They are: building community, leading healthy lifestyles, enjoying the outdoors and protecting our playgrounds (a.k.a. the environment).

The website’s contributor list boasts an impressive list of accomplished elite trail and ultrarunners (including three former staffers from Trail Runner magazine): Ashley Hunter Arnold, Hillary Allen, Maria Dalzot, Elinor Fish, Heidi Kumm, Bree Lambert, Gina Lucrezi and Krissy Moehl.

“Lucky for me, I have many great friends in the outdoor community with tons of experience and knowledge,” says Lucrezi. “When I pitched them my idea of creating a women's collective website, they all jumped at the opportunity to be involved.”

The launch of comes on the heels of the recently released audit of outdoor media conducted by the female media powerhouse Misadventures magazine, the results of which were published in a recent SNEWS article (I'm fired up: It's time to feature more women in outdoor media).”

The article points out that even though half of the 142.6 million Americans engaged in outdoor activities are women, the majority of outdoor magazines and online media are dominated by male voices.

I identify with the conclusions made by the ladies at Misadventures,” says Lucrezi. “Reading their report further reinforced my desire to create a platform for women’s perspectives and opinions in endurance sports, especially trail running,” says Lucrezi.

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