Spacecraft Presents The Lost Highway Series for Fall 2015


Seattle, WA (September 16, 2015) – The Iconic Snowcat is back for Fall 2015. Spacecraft is proud to present its latest collection, The Lost Highway Series, which is now being delivered into stores. The new line is Spacecraft’s most complete and largest offering to date, and focuses on the headwear purveyor and the casual art aficionado.

The Lost Highway Series is all about travel. Wandering with friends. Finding yourself in unknown destinations. Following your intuition and finding your own path. The Fall ‘15 Collection is dedicated to the care-free; those who have been influenced by vintage hues, timeless decal art, and the beauty of abandonment.

Snowcat fiends will be pleased to find dozens of new headwear styles, ranging from beanies and scarves to 5-panels and truckers, along with new technical balaclavas, Balinese-inspired belts and wallets, and a fresh run of iconic tees and hoodies. For the first time ever, Spacecraft has also made select art prints available to serve as home décor for those who regularly lose or ruin their favorite graphic tees.

 The Fall ’15 headwear offering is topped off with a variety of features, including 2 and 4-way beanie wearability, glow-in-the-dark threads, and removable pom-poms. What’s more, all Spacecraft products will henceforth be delivered with individual, limited edition sticker packs (please sticker responsibly). 


The Fall 2015 collection can be viewed in its entirety at, where users can also find a local dealer to shop the line in person. For more information on the collection or on the Spacecraft brand, please contact

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