Grand Trunk Introduces Exclusive Kryptek™ Hammocks for Stealth Camping, Bushcraft and Hunting


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Grand Trunk Introduces Exclusive Kryptek™ Hammocks for Stealth Camping, Bushcraft and Hunting

Skokie, Ill. – (Aug. 5, 2015) – Grand Trunk, makers of goods for the road less traveled, enters into an exclusive licensing agreement with Kryptek™, a leading supplier of ultra high-performance, technical and tactical outdoor adventure products. Grand Trunk will add three of Kryptek’s high tech, camouflage patterns to its best selling line of hammocks, purposefully designed to provide extreme stealth for the minimalist, on-the-move adventurer. 

“Much like the hand tools needed to chop wood and hunt game, hammocks have been around for centuries and stem from a simple need to keep people off the ground,” says Grand Trunk founder and VP, Jon Neff. Because sleeping on the ground meant encounters with snakes, spiders and larger predators or dangers, hammocks provided more than just a comfortable night’s rest. While hammocks today typically symbolize relaxation and leisure, hammocks have been protecting and sheltering human beings for ages. “Today as more people desire wilderness skills and tools for self-reliance, hammocks continue to gain commendation as a highly effective, efficient sleep system for stealth and wilderness camping,” adds Neff. 

Grand Trunk’s new Kryptek™ Double Hammocks feature three high tech camouflage patterns that have been tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. At 19.5-ounces, the whole system weighs nearly three-times less than the average backpacking tent (43-ounces) and takes up much less space in your pack. In addition to protection, sleeping in a hammock is far more comfortable than the ground and set up is fast and easy since hammocks can often go anywhere. Another benefit is that your hammock doubles as a chair, so you have a place to sit during the day and work on bushcraft tasks like whittling and carving.

Available in three distinct patterns, the Highlander™, Typhon™ and Yeti™ were developed to provide users with extreme stealth in specific environments. Made with Grand Trunk’s proprietary Micro-Diamond Ripstop fabric, the new Kryptek Double Hammocks are lightweight, durable and quiet for the ultimate in stealth camping, whether hunting, cross-country bike touring or thru-hiking your way up the coast (MSRP $99). While the brand’s new Trunk Straps make it easy to setup and take down quickly, allowing you to relax in almost any location. 

All Kryptek™ camouflage patterns feature advanced multi-level concealment technology and were developed for tactical users and hardcore sportsmen with input from the brand’s extensive battlefield and Special Ops experience and pro staff. For the wilderness enthusiast to backcountry adventurer, Grand Trunk’s Kryptek™ Double Hammocks will absorb you in any environment.

For more information, please stop by the Grand Trunk booth at the 2015 ORSM trade show, booth # 38159 or contact to schedule a retailer or media appointment. 

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