EORA Lowers Member Dues for Second Consecutive Year


Asheville, NC — EORA is pleased to announce reduced annual membership dues for the second consecutive year. At its annual Board meeting in early October, EORA approved the continued reduction from $350/year to $250/year, which began in 2015. “By keeping membership dues low, we are hoping to attract new individuals to the organization and grow our presence in the bike market,” said Debbie Motz, Executive Director of EORA. “We also wanted to ease the burden on reps paying dues to multiple rep groups. Our Board members and our staff hear this concern a lot, so we wanted to do what we could to help make EORA as accessible as possible.”

Other meeting highlights included long-range planning and budgeting for the organization, agreeing on show dates through 2018, and awarding $4,500 in grants to six (6) organizations that get youth outdoors.

EORA held its annual meeting in Stowe, Vermont. The eight board members from New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast will meet again in Salt Lake City, Utah in January 2015.

About EORA:

Eastern Outdoor Reps Association (EORA) is a not-for-profit association that produces regional tradeshows that bring together over 500 sales reps and 2,300 retailers each year in the Eastern US. Initially focused on traditional specialty outdoor, EORA has since expanded to encompass a wide array of retail categories, including lifestyle, specialty run, bike, resort, paddle sports, and more. EORA was founded in 1979 and has grown steadily in membership over the years.

Photo EORA-BOD In attendance: New England reps Mike Schmidt (Board President), Allison Frazier (VP - New England), and Sarah Maher; Southeast reps Phil Flamand (VP - Southeast), Paul Jordan, and Mel Chrestman, Jr.; Mid-Atlantic reps John Phaneuf (VP - Mid-Atlantic), and Tad Fox; and EORA staff Debbie Motz, Stacey Gellert and Terry Wilson 


For more information:

Debbie Motz, Executive Director

debbiem@eora.org • (828) 252-7956



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