Eagle Creek Introduces The Travel Hub


Your One-Stop-Shop for Travel Tips and Helpful Information.

You’re going on a trip, but you have so much to do at work before departing that you can’t do the research you need to do. Enter the Eagle Creek Travel Hub, which brings together your entire pre-travel experience to make it easy, fun and less time consuming, all in one place, easily accessible from anywhere in the world via the interwebs. 

Eagle Creek says: “You can travel the world, and we can help”. Travel is so much more than the destination. No one wants to get to the hotel and discover they’ve forgotten to pack a single thing, and Eagle Creek provides the tools to make sure you’re prepared.

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Providing helpful travel tools and plenty of fodder for discreet procrastination at work, the Hub is designed with six different categories to choose from, one for each hour of work, minus lunch and coffee breaks. Topics like Travel Savvy, Safe Travels, Destination Inspiration, Packing Organization, Trip Planning and Inside Eagle Creek enable daydreams of adventures far and wide. Each category contains insider information, travel-tested apps and expert tips to make your workday and every journey more enjoyable.

“Every traveler wants to be smart, and appeareven smarter,” said Phil Diehl, eCommerce Manager at Eagle Creek. “They want to get the most value for their investment and they want the trip to be memorable. To that end, we’ve consolidated and simplified our content to create the best possible user interface for our customers, regardless of how they’re accessing the site. The result is a wealth of information and tips born of first-hand experience, right at your fingertips”

What’s on the Travel Hub? The best damn travel content a person can ask for.

  • Packing tips and blog articles
  • Packing and product videos
  • Bigger images so you can see what they’re talking about
  • Original content (think: first-hand travel stories and resulting tips)
  • Links to social media content, so people can tell Eagle Creek how much they love their bags right now
  • Easier Path to Purchase the Perfect Product
  • Dynamic search tools (multiple results for any search)
  • Consistent user experience no matter the device


Eagle Creek Travel Hub: eaglecreek.com/blog

Eagle Creek website: eaglecreek.com

Eagle Creek on Facebook: facebook.com/EagleCreekGear


Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, providing smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags, and accessories since 1975. Through the years they have fine-tuned the best way to design and build gear for diverse travel needs. With their end goal to enhance any travel experience, they offer a Travel System of products, which includes a wide selection of luggage, packing organizers, accessories, and day bags. Building smart and dependable gear, Eagle Creek backs all their products with industry-leading warranties so that travelers can stay focused on new discoveries knowing their gear is built for the road.


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