CEP and ITEM m6 Welcome Maggie Vessey, Champion Middle Distance Runner, to Athlete Teams


Whitsett, NC (June 23, 2016) — CEP and ITEM m6, leaders in compression technology, today announce the addition of Maggie Vessey, champion American middle distance runner, to their team of athletes. Vessey is known not only for winning races and breaking records, but also for her creative fashion sense and custom-made race outfits. Vessey will train and compete in CEP products and leverage the fashion and functionality of ITEM m6 when she is off the track.

CEP and ITEM m6 are brands of Medi, a high-tech German healthcare products manufacturer that specializes in effective compression technology. CEP’s proprietary performance compression profile improves blood flow, reduces muscle soreness and quickens recovery time for athletes. ITEM m6 is a fashion brand that incorporates the same compression technology and innovative yarns into numerous styles of tights, socks and body wear.

Copyright: 2014 Matt Harbicht.  One time usage for maggievessey.com and social media posts by Maggie Vessey only.

Copyright: 2014 Matt Harbicht. One time usage for maggievessey.com and social media posts by Maggie Vessey only.

“Vessey is the perfect fit for both CEP and ITEM m6, as she combines high-level athleticism while celebrating self-expression through fashion, just like these brands,” said Michael Potter, North American Director at CEP. “Vessey turns heads on the track and in the fashion world, and we couldn’t be more excited for her to capture the attention of both these audiences while wearing CEP and ITEM m6 socks and apparel.”

Vessey specializes in the Olympic Distance of 800 meters and holds the 10th fastest all-time 800M by an American woman. She is highly committed to training and nutrition and successfully expresses her individuality through her creative fashion during competition. Inspired by fashion at a young age, Vessey is known in the fashion world for her unique custom-made race outfits that combine high-performance function and creative expression.

"CEP and ITEM m6 provide the best performance and craftsmanship across the compression category and I truly believe in their products," said Maggie Vessey. "I am thrilled to partner with these two brands who offer the perfect combination of performance and style."

For more information about CEP and ITEM m6, visit cepcompression.com and www.itemm6usa.com.

About CEP Compression:

CEP is a high-end sports brand that incorporates medical expertise in its innovative, high-quality product concepts that help wearers enhance their athletic performance and stay healthy. What makes CEP such a unique sports brand is its access to state-of-the-art production standards “Made in Germany” thanks to its parent medi, one of the leading companies in the healthcare market, headquartered in Bayreuth. medi works together with acclaimed scientists, sports physicians and athletes to develop special technologies and features that give all products in the CEP collection a unique effect. CEP is famous for its legendary compression legwear optimized for running and now offers a wide range of performance-enhancing products from socks and high-tech functional sportswear to the new Ortho+ product line. Find out more at: cepcompression.com.

About ITEM m6:

Fashion combined with decades of expertise in effective compression technology. Innovative high-performance yarns incorporated in the latest styles. ITEM m6 is a completely new leg and shapewear concept developed by the German high-tech manufacturer Medi. Made in Germany. Find out more at ITEMm6usa.com.