Werner Paddles-Introduces the Odachi, whitewater race paddle.



Werner Paddles

Sultan, WA USA

Introducing the Odachi. Whitewater race paddle meets Bomber reliability.


Around the world, if there is a growth category in the sport of whitewater kayaking it is downriver-creek race. Storied events like the "Green Race," (NC) and "Great Falls Race," (MD) are being joined yearly by new events. The boat manufactures have stepped up with advanced race boat designs in the long and short boat class. As the leader in whitewater kayak paddles, Werner felt it was time to build a paddle specific to down river race, and after a year of collaboration between our engineering team (2 of who are accomplished boaters in their own rite) and Team Werner Paddles, we have released the Odachi. Its name sake, the cavalry sword of the Samurai, was a specialized weapon. Long in nature to be used from horse back, its size made it very difficult to make resistant to the rigors of battle. We felt the product development team nailed it with this name, a paddle specific to race yet needing to use our 50 years of paddle building knowledge to give it the bomber reputation Werner boaters rely on.

Although a many distinct design features were taken into account when designing this paddle from the ground up for downriver-creek race, the foundation is its increased shaft to blade offset (apparent in the photo above.) This blade forward design gives a more powerful catch and more verticality through the power phase of the stroke. Read more about the specifics which make this paddle fast here, www.wernerpaddles.com/paddles/whitewater/race/odachi

Aside from the added performance we are excited to see on the race scene, we are proud to show our continued commitment to this segment of paddlers. We support a deep pool of whitewater talent on our Team, and boaters around the world have trusted us for decades. It is an honor to continue to expand our role in the whitewater community. We look forward to seeing the Odachi in action as the fall race season kicks off with "Sickline," and continue with races like the "Russell Fork," "King of New York," and of course "Green Race," to name a few. 

Go fast!

Since 1965 Werner Paddles have been designed and hand crafted with the goal of a better paddling paddle. Hours from where the initial paddles were built in the garage our mission has not changed; better paddling paddles. We remain family owned and are proud to celebrate 50 Years of handcrafting paddles in Sultan WA, USA this season.