RAMTECT WOOL North America's only source verified outdoor wool filling has expanded the CRAFT CO OP fiber to garment programs for outdoor specialty retailers for deliveries in year 2016.

Officially introduced at the just completed Outdoor Retailer Show, Ramtect's claims of being the "best breathable insulation" are confirmed for retail shelves for fall 2016. From a few specialty stores orders during OR, the made in North America program is open for year round deliveries with little minimums and on going re orders.

According to Doug Hoschek the director, the reality of wool fibers breathable superior performance is now assured from dozens of average human beings (AHB) wear testing that included a 500 mile hike on the final part of the Pacific Crest Trail hike by Beth Wader that started in Mexico and ended in Canada. Wet almost every day on the Oregon and Washington State portions. Many other testers in other parts of Oregon's ever weather changing fall outdoor adventures and work days all reported the same performance and comment of never taking off the garment and always finding the thermal regulation superior to any other insulated garment that have worn while drying quickly. This is simply what wool fiber sheared from breeding stock sheep here in the USA does for the sheep and is now preferred to be part of the craft manufacturing for outdoor filled garments 12 months of the year.

This past fall/winter season has once again shown that "climate change" controls the weather in the USA dividing it up in what is now almost surreal storms of flooding and snow and warm to cold temperatures quickly announcing themselves. Thus leaving retailers and consumers confused about what garment will satisfy all these changes. While boot sales are booming.

Creating a technology for wool fibers to look like the most popular garments designs of puffy jackets and classic field shirts. Ramtect's patent pending 100/C/PP wool filling believes it has that answer. Moisture absorption into wool fibers directly up to 35% of the fibers own weight compared to synthetics polyesters 1% allows the skin and base layer to remain dry. Reaching the maximum moisture absorption just like wool on the sheep the wool fiber naturally begins its desorption creating a quick charge of heat within the fiber itself that reduces slowly as the evaporation takes place and regulates the thermal environment.

Hoschek states "I grew up in this outdoor garment insulation industry 50 years ago developing polyester fibers for insulation knowing they do not get wet or absorb moisture". "Today those claims ignore the reality of where that moisture actually is. The issue is keeping your skin dry where the heat is from your body and also keeping the base layer dry. Fossil fuel based synthetics do not do what wool does. And now assured climate change is a science fact... from fossil fuels over uses... means the obvious choice is natural fibers especially wool".

Ramtect is based on sheep breeding stock raised and properly cared for here in the USA with all processing done here as well to keep Ramtect insulation and fabric materials off the oceans. We share a partnership in Canada for garment sewing along with USA sewing shops.

Our Craft Co Op program is a working model to remind the best outdoor clothing brands here in the USA where they started and why the climate needs them to rebuild here in the USA. From Main Street to Wall Street outdoor retailers and outdoor branded garments responding to climate change, Ramtect wool insulation is best served working and manufacturing in North America. Go to Hobbsbondefibers.com for Ramtect (tm) links to contact.



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