Native Eyewear’s Lens Technology Enhances Fishing


Denver, Colo. (May 18, 2016) —Native Eyewear has developed a lens technology designed especially for active lifestyles, including performance for fishing. All Native lenses incorporate the brand’s advanced polarization, allowing people to see through glare on water surfaces with 99.9% polar efficiency and providing long-term protection and comfort from squinting and eye fatigue from high-energy blue light.

Officially joining the Native Eyewear ambassador team in February, Iris Lazzareschi is a professional snowboarder, split boarder, and active fly fisher who grew up in Lake Tahoe, California. Snowboarding has always been her winter passion, but prior to moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Lazzareschi did not have a summer activity that she was equally as passionate about. Somewhere between juggling three jobs and spending time among Jackson Hole’s abundant rivers and fish, she discovered a love for fly fishing.

“My first experience fly fishing was during a trip with friends to Montana,” said Lazzareschi. “We were chasing a salmon fly hatch and everything just started coming together. I caught the biggest fish of my life, and the rush was just as great as landing a new trick on my board.” Opening up a whole new world of adventure when there’s no snow, Lazzareschi shared her top five fly fishing tips for newcomers and avid fishers alike.

  1. Start At A Local Fly Shop

“Once you get into town, the very first thing you should do is stop at a local fly shop,” said Lazzareschi. “They should be able to tell you what the water conditions are like and which flies are going to work.”

  1. Take Your Time

Lazzareschi emphasized that it’s important to take your time and not throw your line in as soon as you get to your spot. “Just like snowboarding, when you’re approaching your line you need to analyze the conditions before taking off,” she said. “Watch the water, observe what’s going on, and see where the fish are before you make any moves.”

  1. Don’t Set Expectations

“Go into a spot with no expectations,” Lazzareschi shared. “You could catch the biggest fish of your life or you could catch no fish at all, but the most important thing is focusing in on nature and the people you’re lucky enough to spend time with.” Lazzareschi values every trip spent with friends, or solo, because it’s all about building connections with the outdoors.

  1. Never Stop Learning

“Something new can be learned from every single person you go fishing with,” she said. “I still have so much to learn which is why I’m continually excited to experience new spots and techniques with people I’ve never gone with.” Lazzareschi also shared that she’s excited to teach her dad and step mom when they visit her in Jackson Hole this summer.

  1. Don’t Forget Go-To Gear

When loading her pack, Lazzareschi is sure to include lines, a fly box, waiters, waiting boots, rods, hat, neck buff, and Native sunglasses. “My favorite sunglasses to use are Native’s Sanitas model from the 2016 collection,” she said. The lenses have superior polarization plus they’re coated to repel water and oil, which makes Native an ideal eyewear solution for being around water and baiting hooks. The frames are also extremely lightweight and offer a secure fit for a full day of comfort.

Additionally, Native’s lenses incorporate contrast-enhancing dyes, which further increase visibility through the water.

Native Eyewear understands that the world is your playground and that eyewear protection is a necessity in all seasons. Offering premiere solutions for both sun and now snow with its new line of goggles, Native was made for lives that are too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens, no matter the season.

About Native Eyewear: To live in the spirit of Native is to live the life you want to live – not the one you have to live. It’s pursuing your adventures with the best gear, the right companions, and a free spirit, tempered only by an enduring respect for the world that is your playground. Learn more about Native Eyewear at