Microban Introduces Scentry for Polymers, Odor Capture Technology, for Outdoor Gear


Odor-Free Recycled-Content Plastics Now Available for Camping Accessories, Backpacks, Footwear and Outdoor Storage

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (Aug., 17, 2016) – Building upon the successful launch of Scentry® for Textiles, an odor capture product platform engineered for apparel and footwear, Microban® International Ltd., the global leader in odor control, today introduced Scentry for Polymers. Scentry for Polymers is a manufacturing aid specifically designed to eliminate unpleasant odors in recycled-content plastics used in the creation of outdoor gear and accessories. Scentry for Polymers neutralizes recycled material odors during the manufacturing process, creating improved plastics before they are incorporated into consumer and commercial goods.

“Microban works directly with manufacturers to integrate Scentry into their products ensuring that the manufacturing process is simple and seamless,” said Lisa Owen, senior director of global textiles for Microban. “Microban’s engineers develop and test customized formulations of Scentry for each individual product and plastic type. These custom formulations are tested with manufacturers’ own polymers, to ensure that Scentry will not degrade or decrease the aesthetics or function of any part of the product.”

Scentry for Polymers can be used in a variety of categories including camping accessories, outdoor storage, outdoor and camping furniture, footwear, backpack frames and electronic cases. It can be combined with other Microban antimicrobial solutions to provide products with dual protection: recycled-content plastic odor control, plus powerful protection against stains, odor and product degradation caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. By combining multiple technologies, Microban can develop superior performing gear for its customers, designed specifically for its target consumers when they are in the outdoors, traveling, enjoying time with family and friends, amongst other activities.

Recycled-content plastics have a tendency to smell due to previous product use and may carry organic materials that eventually stink. Scentry for Polymers is manufactured into the recycled components, attracting odors like a “magnet,” and absorbing them to eliminate the stink. The Scentry for Polymer additives are customized to the type of plastic and pore size of the polymer, resulting in optimal odor control performance.


About Microban®

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