Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Reduces Its Carbon Footprint at Fall Show

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is partnering with NativeEnergy to offset 27 tons of CO2 produced by the company’s Fall Show.

Asheville, NC - Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is partnering with NativeEnergy to address its greenhouse gas emissions. Through the purchase of NativeEnergy's Help Buildâ„¢ carbon offsets, Grassroots will offset 27 tons of CO2 produced by the company's Fall Show that was held November 8-11th in Stone Mountain, GA.

Grassroots' offset purchase will provide funds essential to the development of the Wewoka Landfill Gas to Energy Project located in Wewoka, OK. The Project will capture methane from a nearby landfill and provide renewable fuel for a local brick factory's kilns.

NativeEnergy's Help Buildâ„¢ carbon offsets help fund the construction of new carbon reduction projects, including wind, farm methane, solar, biomass, and landfill gas. NativeEnergy focuses on projects that deliver strong environmental and social benefits, like wind farms that provide revenue to local communities and methane digesters that keep family farms in business.

About Grassroots Outdoor Alliance
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance unites independent outdoor retailers as a strong voice to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. To learn more about Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, visit our website at

About NativeEnergy
NativeEnergy is an expert provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and carbon accounting software. With NativeEnergy's Help Buildâ„¢ offsets, businesses and individuals can help finance the construction of wind, biogas, solar, and other carbon reduction projects with strong social and environmental benefits. Since 2000, NativeEnergy's customers have helped build over 50 projects, reducing more than 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gas reductions, and the company has over 4 million tons under contract. All NativeEnergy carbon offsets are third-party verified and validated. Learn more at

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance Contact:
Hope Buttitta
Operations Manager

NativeEnergy Contact:
Thomas H. Rawls
VP, Sales & Marketing
802-861-7707 x215