Brand Amp Offers Free DIY PR Tip Sheet for Trade Show Exhibitors


Top 10 Tips Aims to Help Time-Strapped, Multi-Tasking Entrepreneurs

An industry public relations veteran recently published a tip sheet to help new exhibitors and emerging brands make the most of the public relations opportunities that abound at trade shows. The tip sheet distills trade show public relations basics into the most pressing Top 10 Tips to Getting Good Trade Show Ink. 

Industry sales events like the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and SIA Snow Sports Shows attract media looking for new products and companies to write about and share with their readers and fans in upcoming issues of magazines and blog posts. However, attention to public relations can fall through the cracks as smaller emerging companies scramble to get their new products and sales essentials ready for the show.

Smaller companies also often have a hard time navigating their way toward connections with dedicated journalists who can help brands connect with consumers for free. For those first-year exhibitors and other still-growing startups where owners and staff wear many hats, industry public relations veteran Lee Hart is offering a free tip sheet that simplifies public relations basics for even the most time-strapped entrepreneur.

Hart said she created "Top 10 Tips to Getting Good Trade Show Ink" to help the many smaller companies that don’t yet have dedicated public relations help in-house or on contract. “It seems like every trade show season I get calls from at least one startup company with great products but no real budget for professional public relations outreach,” Hart said. “I’m hoping this tip sheet helps those companies perform essential DIY PR until they grow large enough to bring on personnel dedicated to this important and time-consuming essential for their business success.”

ABOUT BRAND AMP. Founded in 2001, Brand Amp is a small, independent public relations agency which has been crafting communications strategies, facilitating industry collaborations and stimulating conversations between brands, media and consumers primarily in the outdoor, snow sports, bike and adventure travel industries. To get the free tip sheet or contact the company for quotes on projects of all sizes or full service public relations duties, visit the Brand Amp website.