Bliz Active Eyewear to Show at Bike Dealer Camp

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Bliz, Scandinavia's #1 eyewear brand is finally available in America. Bliz encourages retailers to consider Bliz to keep focused on their business. Visit Bliz at Bike Dealer Camp in Dear Valley Utah June 25, 26, 27and discover great products, prices and profits.

  • Why Bliz?

Because Bliz keeps you focused!

For Cycling, Running, Paddling, Nordic and Alpine Skiing or any activity where secure eyewear and clear vision are vital, Bliz’s conversion systems is the solution.

Bliz eyewear comes with patented click-in slip-proof straps, infinitely adjustable temples and nose pieces, endless shades of interchangeable and unbreakable precision lens sets, or even flip-up fog-free frames. 

Bliz Active Eyewear has a solution for any weather, every light, any speed, and every terrain. With its vast array of features, including great value, Bliz keeps you focused on what's ahead. 

Get Bliz, Keep Focused

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Bliz is distributed in America by Endurance Enterprises, Inc.