SNEWS Qs: Vito Vento, Body Works Home Fitness

Vito Vento tells SNEWS about his success partnering with personal trainers and what some of the hot-selling items have been this holiday shopping season.

Vito Vento


Body Works Home Fitness

What would you say were some of the biggest fitness trends of 2012?

I think there was a big move in the [stationary cycles] with the introduction of the [Relay Fitness] Evo bikes where they have the ability to move laterally. The functional trainers made a big move this year too.

What is the biggest challenge facing the fitness industry and how should we fix it?

I think the biggest challenge is the bad information that’s given out on the Internet about products and also in TV infomercials. They lead people to think one machine is going to solve all their problems when it’s a regimen that incorporates both cardio and strength, not one or the other. Education is the way to conquer it. They have to go into specialty stores to get the right information from trainers. 

How can personal trainers and retailers work together to benefit one another?

We do that now, we have a group of personal trainers, they come into our store and see what we have a lot of times they do their shopping for their customer, or do the research for their customer and we incorporate a working arrangement where they give them a break if they’re buying it for their facility or their clients.

What are some of the top sellers this holiday shopping season?

Right now the Vectra home gyms have been going really well and various brands of ellipticals across the board.

What is your favorite part about working in the fitness industry?

Doing a service to your customer you’re not just out there to take their money you’re actually helping them reach their goals and helping them attain it.

--Compiled by Ana Trujillo



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