PowerICE™ and EMS Unlimited Form Partnership Providing Hydration with Medical Services at Athletic Events

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (April 3, 2014) – PowerIce and EMS Unlimited are joining forces at athletic events across the United States to provide PowerICE frozen hydration bars to participants who need first aid.

PowerICE has built its reputation on enhancing athlete performance by cooling the core body temperature before, during and after a workout and by rehydrating the body and replenishing lost electrolytes. Event Medical Solutions Unlimited (EMS Unlimited), an on-sight medical services company, believes the same cooling and hydrating principle applies to basic first aid and can help patients suffering from exhaustion due to heat or overexertion during a race.

“It’s fantastic that EMS Unlimited recognizes that PowerICE is much more than a performance-enhancing bar for athletes,” said Blair McNamara, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for PowerICE. “The medical applications for paramedics in the field, and for health care professionals overseeing surgery recovery rooms, are big.”

“PowerICE has always been a fast and healthy way to rehydrate with only 30 calories per frozen bar and just 8 grams of sugar,” McNamara said. “Plus, we recently reformulated PowerICE to include only all-natural ingredients, so now PowerICE is even more attractive to medical professionals and athletes — folks who truly care about what they and their patients are consuming.”

The PowerICE/EMS Unlimited partnership is a natural fit. Both companies are based in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and are fixtures at athletic events where the safety and comfort of participants is priority one. In 2014, EMS Unlimited will provide professional medical services to more than two dozen mountain biking, cycling, running and other sporting events across the country.

"At EMS Unlimited, we are always seeking ways to provide our customers with the best possible value and service,” said Ebin Latrimurti, President of EMS Unlimited. “PowerIce is a great tool to have at our running, biking and other endurance events. It allows us to help patients cool their core temperature, rehydrate and ultimately recover faster, which helps everyone stick to our motto — ‘Do it again tomorrow.’"

About PowerICE

PowerICE embodies the “Frozen Electrolyte Theory” — the concept that recovery and hydration happens faster in a frozen state. Commit to the effort and PowerICE will keep you going — longer, harder, naturally. All-natural PowerICE is now available in four great flavors. For more information, call 888.456.7373 or visit www.PowerICE.com.

About EMS Unlimited

Event Medical Solutions Unlimited provides advance planning, medical stand-by staffing and emergency response services to public events, competitions, private venues, parties and much more. EMS Unlimited understands that staff and guests expect event directors to provide a safe event from start to finish. EMS Unlimited delivers on that expectation, handling all emergency response needs, enhancing safety and reducing workload and costs for event organizers. Visit www.ems-unlimited.com.

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