Outdoor Tech Launches Walkie-Talkie App and CHIPS® 2.0 Changing Helmet Audio and Communication, Again.


Los Angeles, CA (January 5, 2016) – When a trip to the mountains serves up conditions worth relishing, it’s not uncommon for friends to find themselves on different slopes throughout the day. To keep everyone connected without requiring them to lug around another cumbersome piece of hardware, Outdoor Tech® has created a user-friendly Walkie-Talkie App that allows the next generation CHIPS® 2.0 Wireless Headphones to connect with one another through a mountain-friendly push-to-talk design.

The CHIPS® 2.0 get upgraded with an embedded Bluetooth Low Energy chip allowing a simple push and hold (with your gloves or mittens on) to engage the app for seamless communication. The range is limitless, as are the use cases; families, ski schools, and even cyclist can rock the incredible audio quality of the CHIPS® and be able to communicate, without ever having to take their phones out of their pockets.

Designed to fit universally with nearly any helmet, Outdoor Tech’s patented Bluetooth wireless CHIPS® headphones have given thousands of winter storm chasers and cyclist the chance to stay connected without being tethered. The CHIPS® allow users to play, pause & skip tracks, adjust volume, answer calls, and even interact with Siri thanks to a built-in microphone and a simple two-button system.

The updated CHIPS® 2.0 and Walkie-Talkie App will be available for 2016/17 winter season online at OutdoorTechnology.com and Outdoor Tech retailers.

About Outdoor Tech
Founded in 2010, Outdoor Tech® is an outdoor designer brand creating accessories for an action-filled lifestyle. Packing the world’s most complete line of Bluetooth audio built for reveling in the open air and on the road, Outdoor Tech® proves there is a way to stay connected but not tethered. For more on Outdoor Tech® and the rest of its line including rugged portable power and the potentially iconic Yowie® Logo apparel collection go to OutdoorTechnology.com